George Santos freaks out over "abhorrent" fact-check against him on Twitter

You probably know about social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Well, Twitter has a new name now. It's called Xitter. Recently, an important person from New York, Congressman George Santos, had a problem with Xitter.

Mr. Santos, who is a member of the Republican Party, has been accused of doing some things that are against the rules, like taking money that was given to him for his campaign and using it for himself, and stealing money from his supporters by pretending to be them. These are very serious issues and it's important to remember that taking what doesn't belong to you is wrong.

The other day, Mr. Santos posted a picture of himself on Xitter with a message that said: "They're not after me. They're after you. I'm just in the way." But the people who use Xitter added a note under his picture. The note said that people were actually after Mr. Santos because he had done some wrong things. They even included a link to more information about the charges against him.

The next day, Mr. Santos didn't seem very happy about the note Xitter had added. He said it wasn't nice of Elon Musk, the person who owns Xitter, to add the note to his picture. But Mr. Musk hasn't said anything back to him yet. The users of Xitter added a note to Mr. Santos' complaint that said Mr. Musk doesn't control the notes that are sometimes added to people's posts when they are lying.

Mr. Santos is expected to go to court this week to answer to all the charges against him.

Interestingly, the message that Mr. Santos used in his picture was once used by his hero, former President Donald Trump when he faced his own challenges.

It's important to note that social media is a big part of our world today, and it's not always used in the right way. Always remember to be respectful and honest when using social media, just like in real life.