Elon Musk begs brands for Twitter engagement

Despite repeated, insistent posts about how good X (formerly Twitter) is doing, it seems that Elon Musk – who just finished off his first year of Twitter ownership – is not above simply asking brands to engage with his community features and thus give his own brand more value.

Just look at him asking the Diablo X account, run by a multimillion-dollar gaming titan, to post patch notes directly within the Diablo "X Community group"- a niche group of X users literally one one-hundredth the size of the Diablo subreddit, for reference.

As time wears on, user engagement continues to fall (an annual fee, seriously?) and Elon becomes more desperate, expect to see more outright begging like this and more feuds with seemingly random entities. One has to wonder what his beef with Wikipedia of all things is.