Women who rented an Airbnb "castle" were attacked and bitten by bats

A group of women rented a home called "The Castle" in Michigan to celebrate their 50th high school reunion, only to be allegedly attacked — and bitten — by a colony of bats. The eight seniors are now suing the home owner and Airbnb, calling the ordeal "a scene from a Halloween horror movie."

From NBC:

The group of eight women had enjoyed their stay at "The Castle" for three days. But on the evening of July 26, two women staying in the large turret room of the home were shocked awake by screeching noises and dark shapes moving along the walls, the complaint said. …

The women "ran to the stairwell but found it consumed with bats." …

"More and more bats began entering the living quarters. The bats were coming down the old lathe walls and entering through the gaps in the baseboards. The night was littered with screams that could be heard from one room, then the next, then the next," the statement said.

The bats got entangled in some of the women's hair, some were struck by the creatures and others were bitten, the complaint said.

The ordeal ended when dawn came and the bats retreated to the attic. 

The horrified women received a series of rabies shots after the horrifying stay. Meanwhile, an exterminator corroborated the women's account, describing "a large colony of Michigan Brown Bats living in the attic," along with "multiple inches of bat guano caking the floor" and "bat urine running down the basement walls."

Although the spooky incident took place in July, the lawsuit was appropriately filed yesterday — a day before Halloween.