Donald Trump warns US will "become a dictatorship" if he is removed from ballot (video)

While sounding a false alarm about President Biden, Donald Trump described exactly what will happen to the United States if he himself "wins" the next election: a full-on dictatorship.

"It may also be the last election we ever have if this election doesn't work. If this election is rigged and stolen, if bad things happen, our country will not survive," warned the four-times indicted ex-president who tried to overturn the 2020 election.

"If crooked Joe and the Democrats get away with removing my name from the ballot, then there will never be a free election in America again. We will have become a dictatorship where your president is chosen for you," he continued, forgetting about the 11 other Republican candidates voters have to choose from. "You will no longer have a vote, or certainly won't have a meaningful vote, and you could say, frankly, that that has already begun." Yes, you could say that again. It began on June 16, 2015, when Trump launched his first MAGA presidential campaign. (See his Truth Social video below, reposted by Patriot Takes.)

Front page thumbnail image: Donald Trump booking portrait, courtesy Fulton County Jail