"Fundy baby voice"— Kelly Johnson, wife of House Speaker, and other evangelical women are trained to adopt childlike voices

Kelly Johnson, married to Christian Nationalist House Speaker Mike Johnson, was recently invited on Fox News to tell viewer that she is a kind and loving person despite equating homosexuality with bestiality and incest. However, most people weren't paying attention to what she was saying because they were more focused on the bizarre childlike tone of her voice.

Why does Kelly Johnson speak like a toddler? It could be that her vocal cords are naturally configured that way. Alternatively, as former evangelical Christian Jess Piper suggests, it could be that she's been indoctrinated to speak in that manner, as it's common for wives in the Christian fundamentalist world to adopt a childlike tone, and is known at the "fundie baby voice"

Piper posted a video of Johnson's wife speaking, and compared it to another prominent fundamentalist Christian, Michelle Duggar, who speaks in a nearly identical tone of voice.

Another Twitter user, Jessica Jewett, commented, "The voice she's using is trained into fundamentalist evangelical women to perpetuate the belief that their minds are childlike, sweet, always joyful, and that they never disobey their husbands. Michelle Duggar was trained to use the same voice. Ask fundamentalist survivors if you don't believe me."

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