Unoriginal DeSantis now ripping off Vermin Love Supreme

Trying to bring new life to his moribund campaign, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now ripping off New Hampshire's Vermin Supreme. In a desperate attempt to get the 91 times criminally charged Republican front-runner for President to show up to the next planned "debate," DeSantis threatens to steal one of Vermin Supreme's signature moves if Trump will appear. DeSantis will wear a boot on his head.

This is a brave move by DeSantis, not just because he could possibly look more foolish than we've all come to expect, but also because it'll force him to re-answer questions regarding his fetish for looking odd in boots. The only news DeSantis has been able to generate in recent weeks revolves around boots.


Vermin Love Supreme[2] (born 1960 or 1961) is an American performance artist and activist who has run as a candidate in various local, state, and national elections in the United States. He served as a member of the Libertarian Party's judicial committee.[3][4][5][6] Supreme is known for wearing a boot as a hat and carrying a large toothbrush,[7] and has said that if elected President of the United States, he will pass a law requiring people to brush their teeth.[4][8][9][10] He has campaigned on a platform of zombie apocalypse awareness and time travel research,[11] and promised a free pony for every American.[12]