A desperate Marjorie Taylor Greene doubles down on her losing strategy

Georgia's rotten peach, Congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene, has dug a hole so deep that only her loyalty to Trump and willingness to plumb the absolute depth of the MAGA psyche can sustain her. Greene abandoned her Freedom Caucus buddies to glom on Speaker McCarthy, elevating herself over long-term party sycophants and ingratiating herself to none. Now Greene finds herself alone, wrapped in a Trump flag for comfort, the Congressperson has taken to hollering the worst lies she can imagine to try and gin up some support-via-outrage.


"Republicans lose on abortion because they have for decades allowed Democrats to lie about abortion on every level," complainted Greene. "Republicans refuse to fight hard against the evil lies of the Democrats who claim 'abortion is women's healthcare and a right.' It is NOT! Abortion is murder. It kills another human being, the most innocent of all."

"Abortion is genocide and none of their screams are heard when each of them are slaughtered in their mother's wombs," she continued. "These precious little ones can not fight, can not defend themselves, can not flee the abortionists's weapons of choice that they use to brutally murder them. Calling this ongoing genocide 'healthcare' is an abomination and political lie that democrats use in order to manipulate women to vote for them and continue the child sacrifices that enable Democrats to maintain power. There is nothing more evil."

Greene is doubling down on restricting women's rights to healthcare, as the Republican party suffers a series of giant defeats largely based on their desire to restrict women's rights. The Republican Party seems done with Mace, Greene, and Boebert. MAGA Republican women are nasty even for the party of George Santos.