Alina Habba foolishly objects to her own document during Ivanka testimony

Ivanka Trump has come down with a sudden case of amnesia, repeating the phrase "I don't recall" over and over in the courtroom this morning.

But when the Attorney General's Office tried to refresh her memory by entering documents such as past emails Ivanka had written, Trump attorney Alina Habba objected — a strategy Trump lawyers have used so often this morning, Judge Engoron at one point snapped, "Are you going to object to every document?"

And, in fact, Habba was so hellbent on objecting to every document, she comically objected to an old Ivanka email that Habba's own team had entered.

From Raw Story:

In one case, the prosecutors showed Ivanka an email from her to Allen Weisselberg and other Trump Org. executives dated Dec. 15, 2011.

"It doesn't get better than this. lets (sic) discuss asap (sic)," Ivanka wrote.

Habba objected to the email being entered, claiming that it was never sent. The New York prosecutors contradicted it, saying that the email was sent, showing the date.

Prosecutor Kevin Wallace stepped in to address the authenticity, saying the document Habba objected to was one of their own documents.

The judge allowed the questioning regarding the email to proceed.