Watch as Rep. Lauren Boebert struggles to understand the lawmaking process

It's a good thing Rootin' Tootin' Gropin' Vapin' Lauren Boebert is incapable of feeling shame. The Colorado MAGA representative proved she doesn't know much about lawmaking in a discussion on the House floor with Maryland Democrat Steny Hoyer.

In the video, Hoyer begins, "I asked the gentlelady to yield for a question."

Across the aisle, Rep. Boebert stands rigidly at her lectern, a look of defiance on her face. "Comments recognized. It's not my time," she snaps, glaring at him.

"I asked you to yield," he states plainly.

Rep. Boebert's eyes flash with annoyance. "I have reserved; you're free to speak," she says.

Letting out a grandfatherly chuckle, Rep. Hoyer says, "Yes. I'm asking you if you'll yield for a question."

"Sure. Ask your question," Rep. Boebert says peevishly.

"What funds in this bill are used for the purposes you are opposed to?" asks Hoyer.

Rep. Boebert shifts in place behind her lectern, appearing evasive. "Sorry, I couldn't hear the gentleman. I was getting clarification," she hedges. "This is precautionary."

Rep. Hoyer's brow furrows. "Precautionary from what? I am asking–"

But Rep. Boebert barrels on from her position, "There are sanctuary city policies–"

Rep. Hoyer says, "Yes, I understand, I understand…"

Rep. Boebert's words tumble out rapidly. "That are in place that are allowing the refuge of illegal aliens in the cities and there is an influx of crime and drugs–"

"I understand," Rep. Hoyer says, exasperated.

Rep. Boebert's eyes flash with MAGA fervor. "In these cities, and there's no way for these folks to even report what is taking place because they are protected under this faux policy that has been created, that is subduing the actual rule of law that we have in the Constitution of the United States."

"I understand that. But what you said is none of the funds in this bill can be spent for that objective–"

"And that is precautionary," Rep. Boebert cuts in. "I want to–"

Rep. Hoyer tries again, "What funds are in this bill to be spent for that objective?"

Rep. Boebert's voice rises. "I have seen this administration use all sorts of funds to protect illegal aliens."

"Reclaiming my time," Rep. Hoyer says sharply. "Reclaiming my time. There are no funds in this bill to do that. So this is just an opportunity for you to stand and perhaps speak about an important subject. I understand that, but there are no funds in this bill to accomplish that objective." He peers at her intently across the aisle. "You don't believe the chairman would put funds in to accomplish that objective. Do you?"