Antique handmade doll collected coins for orphans in 19th century

This unusual antique doll from the 19th century featured a coin slot on its abdomen. This doll wasn't just a personal piggy bank, though. This doll was used to raise money for orphans in France

I love the way it looks with the coin shoot and strange, hanging arms. Knowing the kind purpose behind this doll makes it even more wonderful. I need one to store my spare change- it's much cooler looking than a mason jar!

From anonymousworksinc on Instagram:

"This unusual 19th century handmade tin doll was at one time used to collect money for orphaned children in France. One would put coins inside the slot on the front.

It was deaccessioned from the Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum in Rochester, NY. The museum originally contained an extensive collection of dolls and children's toys of the late 19th c. The museum changed its focus and is now called "The Museum of Play " displaying children's play items from the mid 20th century to today.

Collection of Anonymous Works."