Florida teacher fired for using gender neutral "Mx." instead of "Ms."

A teacher in Florida has filed a complaint after being fired for using a gender-neutral honorific, "Mx.", in emails and other school communications, instead of "Ms."

The teacher, who uses the name AV Vary over their legal name, taught high schoolscience at Florida Virtual School, an online public school, until Oct. 24. Vary filed a complaint Wednesday with the Florida Commission on Human Relations and the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging the school discriminated against them based on their gender identity and violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Vary said the pronouns they use and their birth-assigned sex have nothing to do with how they teach physics.

"They are so far from related," Vary told NBC News on Friday. "Getting fired for this, it's absolute garbage."

All told, we've gone quite quickly from gay marriage to compulsory genders, haven't we?