Twitter quietly reinstated its policy against misgendering

After being sold to Elon Musk, Twitter brought back all the banned accounts and got rid of queer-friendly policies such as one against intentionally misgendering people. It was recently observed, however, that it was back, albeit in vaguer form.

Last April, Twitter quietly edited its abuse and harassment policy to no longer explicitly ban deadnaming (calling transgender people by a former name) or misgendering (purposely using non-preferred pronouns or gender labels). …

In a section labeled "Use of Prior Names and Pronouns," X's updated policy confirms that X will "reduce the visibility of posts that purposefully use different pronouns to address someone other than what that person uses for themselves, or that use a previous name that someone no longer goes by as part of their transition."

The story's context is a GLAAD report calling for social media to institute policies against misgendering and deadnaming, but Twitter's retreat is surely more about advertisers abandoning the right-wing sewer that Twitter became after Musk took over.

Update: Musk is backpedaling to appease right-wing users, reports Forbes, blaming the reinstatement on a Brazilian court ruling and saying the policy won't be applied elsewhere.