Something smells off about claims Disneyland has a Poo-Problem, says one vlogger

Provost Park Pass brings their usual mountain of puns, and superhuman energy to the Disney Resort Pooping in Line story.

Mark Provost is a favorite Disneyland YouTuber of mine. He never stops cracking jokes, finding interesting stuff to share, and doing his best to help everyone have a good time. Here he offers a deep dive into the super fake story that people are pooping in the lines for rides at Disney parks. Some fun trivia about castmember code words for certain biological events to help the custodial crews bring the right gear for the job at hand — but no stories of people taking dumps on Dumbo.

The claims come from a 2015 book by former custodial team members. "Cleaning The Kingdom: Insider Tales of Keeping Walt's Dream Spotless" is about events that happened in yesteryear. There is no recent rash of folks blowing out the line.

Here Provost shares his favorite bathrooms at Disneyland: