Watch Pumpkin the capybara doing a "turn around" trick alongside her canine brother

Did you know capybara are very smart and can learn to do tricks, just like dogs? Watch Pumpkin the capybara and her canine brother, Mozzie the collie, doing the "turn around" trick, which they've both easily mastered. Great job, Pumpkin and Mozzie!

Pumpkin is an animal education ambassador who lives at Dark Wings Wildlife and Education Center, a 501(c)3 nonprofit in Bunnell, Florida, along with Trixie the crow, Nibbler the goose, and more. The center describes its mission on its YouTube page:

We run a small ambassador animal program in Florida dedicated to educating the public about misunderstood species. Our goal is to eventually develop a self-sustaining organization to continue to educate the public about these awesome animals! Once we have an established education program we can begin taking in non-releasable native wildlife.

See more vides of the adorable Pumpkin and the rest of the gang at the Dark Wings Wildlife TikTokFacebookInstagram, and YouTube.


Lots of people dont realize capybaras are quite smart! We teach Pumpkin basic behaviors to bond with her and keep her mentally stimulated. As an education ambassador, Pumpkin spends lots of time with us! #capybaratiktok #capybara #capybaras #animaltraining #cuteanimals #cute #fyp

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