Pelicans will eat anything they can fit into their mouths

Pelicans are large water birds found on every continent except Antarctica. Some species can reach up to 11.5 feet in length. Their large bills and gular pouches set them apart from most other birds. They are considered opportunistic feeders, meaning they eat almost anything dead or alive, including fish, crustaceans, small mammals, and even other birds. Watching pelicans use their pouch to eat is fascinating.


Pelicans, known for their coastal presence and distinctive appearance, possess a remarkable gular pouch, a large, expandable sac located beneath their long bills. This unique feature serves multiple functions: as a highly efficient tool for catching fish, an effective temporary storage container for prey, and even aids in thermoregulation. When hunting, pelicans use their gular pouches to scoop up fish, enabling them to catch multiple prey in one dive and maximizing their foraging efficiency. It's a fascinating adaptation that sets pelicans apart in the avian world. #Pelicans #GularPouch #BirdFacts #ILoveBirdsCompany #Birds #Nature #Educational #Ornithology #BirdScience #Birding #BirdNerd #BirdConservation #NatureLovers

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They also apparently try to eat anything that will fit in their mouths, and even some things that won't. These hungry birds try to eat dogs, humans, capybaras, and basketballs. 

I watch a lot of capybara videos because capybaras are amazing and are usually the most chill animals on the planet. This video of a pelican trying to eat a full-grown capy is the first time I have ever seen capybaras annoyed at anything, so even they have their limits.

The babies in this video don't seem at all concerned.