Here's some capybara ASMR for your listening and viewing pleasure

Here's three minutes of capybara ASMR to give you a quick relaxation break. The footage was shot at Nagasaki Biopark, and features over ten capybara eating a giant pumpkin. The Biopark YouTube page cleverly describes the "action":

We gave capybara a huge pumpkin. We didn't weigh but it may be around 50kg? Do capybara like it? It's just a video of huge rodents eating a huge pumpkin. Nothing else happens. You can also enjoy it as ASMR

I can't stop watching this video. I counted over ten capybara snarfling this giant pumpkin. While I absolutely hate the sound of humans eating, I could listen to these capybara munching, crunching, chewing, slurping, snorting, squeaking, and more all day long. Enjoy!  

And for more awesome videos from Nagasaki Biopark, check out their YouTube.