"Just acknowledge Trump lost!" – MSNBC's heated discussion with Kari Lake

In this remarkable exchange, MSNBC political analyst Tim Miller tells Kari Lake she likely would have been elected governor of Arizona if she'd simply dropped the "bullshit" about election fraud in the 2020 Presidential election and focused instead on things people care about, like fentanyl deaths. You can almost — almost — see a faint spark of realization in Lake's eyes when she hears Miller lay out the truth like this.

The clip posted to Threads with Lake saying, "I want to be able to have conservative students not being shamed."

Miller replied, "We're in our golden for conservative students' speech! It's the best time ever if you're a conservative student, you want to talk, you have huge platforms. I went to watch you speak at Turning Point USA. All these kids have huge audiences that come to see them and that's great. That's fine. They're all speaking. Their speeches aren't under threat, there weren't any cops coming to shut down the turning point USA thing. Here's the thing, you say you care about the Fentanyl crisis and our kids –"

"I do care dearly," Lake interjected.

Miller continued, "So if you care so much about this, couldn't you actually do something about it? If you stopped the bullshit about the last election? If you just acknowledged that Trump had lost and acknowledged that you'd lost? You might be in good shape to do something. You probably would have won your governor's race. Had you just talked about things people cared about instead of the election fraud. So sometimes, don't you ever think to yourself, 'I wish I could just stop talking about this fake thing that Donald Trump made me make up so that I could actually talk about the stuff that's important?' because we agree about fentanyl. I agree. I wish we could deal with that."

Lake defended her position, "I talked about that all the time on the campaign trail. I'm sorry, you weren't with me every step of the way. The people of Arizona understand me, and they know me. And they care about me and I care about them. And I care about that. Getting them better. Freeing the people who are held politically, political prisoners."

Miller then said, "I think you're still a little extreme. That's okay, though. It's good to see you again. I'd love that we have some areas of agreement. We agree on the fentanyl thing. And then you get into other stuff…"

Lake responded, "I'm sorry, I'm not making you happy… I'm sorry that we don't agree on everything. But what I am not sorry about is that I think that you… I do believe that we can agree that we both love America."

"We do. Well, I know that I love America. I do think that you're okay with Donald Trump trying to end the American experiment last time so that makes me wonder how sincere Your love is that I do appreciate," Miller countered.

Lake concluded, "Thank you for your time."

"Good. Thank you for your time," Miller finished.

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