A beginners' safety guide to hunting the wild Scottish haggis

The beauty of Scotland matched with the thrill of the hunt. This video promises everything one could hope for and will introduce you to the exciting world of haggis hunting.

Haggis are mythical creatures reputed to have left and right side legs of different lengths, allowing them to run around steep mountainsides more quickly, not unlike the fabled sharks of Alcatraz who reportedly had one fin cut off to force them to swim in circles around the prison island. Apparently US tourists are prone to believing in them:

The notion of the wild haggis is widely believed, though not always including the idea of mismatched legs. According to an online survey commissioned by haggis manufacturers Hall's of Broxburn, released on 26 November 2003, one-third of U.S. visitors to Scotland believed the wild haggis to be a real creature.[4][6]


The narrator of the video above is absolutely perfect for injecting zero excitement and enthusiasm into a script promising a world of fun. I wonder if Scots come to the US and go on wild jackalope hunts.