Watch these orphaned opossum siblings hilariously snarfling up food

I think the answer to almost all questions is "more opossums, please." If you need more opossums in your life, check out these adorable opossums that are being rehabilitated at the Millstone Wildlife Center in Windham, New Hampshire. In this video, you can see the siblings munching away on a delicious meal. The Center explains that these opossum siblings being given a well-rounded diet to help them gain weight in preparation for being released back into the wild. I cannot get enough of these cuties smacking and slurping and otherwise enjoying their meal!

In the caption for this video—which also features the adorable opossums gleefully snacking—the Center explains how they determine when an opossum is ready to be released:

It's been a busy year here at MWC with opossums in all sizes. Another 21 of them are in prerelease cages getting ready to go. Typically we do not release young opossums until they are 12 inches long (not counting their tail), and about 2 pounds in weight. Opossums are good eaters and like to help out in their weight gain plan.

Enjoy more of the Center's opossum videos—here's another one of them eating, here they are climbing all over each other, and here they are slurping up some milk!

The Millstone Wildlife Center's website explains its mission:

The mission of Millstone Wildlife Center is to provide rehabilitation services for injured or orphaned mammal wildlife in the state of New Hampshire. These services include: Medical treatment, rehabilitation, and release of mammals brought to the center; Public education regarding coexistence with wildlife; Educational outreach programs for students of all ages.

To learn more about the Center, check out their Facebook or Instagram.