Watch this terrific bass-forward version of "Ain't No Sunshine"

I absolutely love this version of "Ain't No Sunshine," a song written by Bill Withers and released on his 1971 debut album, Just As I Am. This rendition is performed by bass singer Geoff Castellucci, who, in addition to his solo work, is also a member of the Orlando, Florida-based a cappella quintet VoicePlay

The Music Man describes Castellucci's stunning cover:

Geoff Castellucci's distinctive cover of Ain't No Sunshine is essentially an acapella version, although the effect is achieved by Castellucci multi-tracking his own voice. What distinguishes Castellucci's version is his low range, but he is no one-trick pony. As the video shows, his bass singing is just one of his registers.

Geoff Castellucci's range is almost 4 octaves (C♯1 – A5), excluding his falsetto. In his cover of Ain't No Sunshine, he puts his vocal dexterity to good use, nonetheless, it is his deep bass voice that dominates, particularly since it features so strongly in the first 1:20 of the cover. In the YouTube comments, therealbahamut wittily captures the impact of Castellucci's low bass singing: "You do not listen to Geoff with your ears. You listen with your BONES".

It's really quite beautiful—enjoy!

For more of Geoff's music, check out his YouTube.