Starfield gets passed up for GOTY, fans are angry

First off, go vote in the official The Game Awards poll if you haven't already. Second off, you may have noticed that Starfield, the game everybody was convinced would cure their leprosy, is conspicuously not on the Game of the Year list.

Why exactly this is is anyone's guess—I think it's because the game proved to be consistently bland at best and downright regressive at worst—but self-proclaimed console warriors aren't taking it very well, sometimes to the point of creating fanmade sizzle reels that somehow make Starfield look worse.

The new Super Mario game getting the nod over Starfield seems to be a particular point of contention.

While insults are flying between both Starfield's fans and its detractors, I think all the petty arguing here is pointless. Baldur's Gate 3 is going to sweep the awards regardless.