Freaky photo of San Francisco Bay Area sky showing the aircraft surveillance during APEC

Seen below is photographer Ian Servin's wild image of the sky above the San Francisco Bay Area during this week's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APAC) summit. World leaders descended on the area, resulting in numerous surveillance aircraft monitoring the scene from above. He said you can identify the aircraft based on a signal the aircraft broadcast for Air Traffic Control.

According to SFGATE, Servin "used his Sony A7 III mirrorless digital camera with a basic 50mm lens to document the swirling light trails from the numerous surveillance aircraft over APEC and the city. The composite is a stack of 150 images shot with 30-second exposure that he took from his apartment in Oakland. He then used Photoshop for the layering, applying the 'lighter color' blending mode to create the final image."

illustrative featured image: kropic1/Shutterstock