It doesn't even look like Xitter's CEO Yaccarino is trying

Linda Yaccarino has been vocal that she *IS* the CEO of Xitter; however, the CEO is failing to fire her product guy for making wildly outrageous anti-semitic statements that are chasing away the advertisers she was hired to assuage. Rather than do anything about Musk, or anything that looks like it might build confidence in her advertising platform for mainstream marketers, Yakko once again offers some useless message to "the staff."

"X's point of view has always been very clear that discrimination by everyone should STOP across the board — I think that's something we can and should all agree on. When it comes to this platform — X has also been extremely clear about our efforts to combat antisemitism and discrimination. There's no place for it anywhere in the world — it's ugly and wrong. Full stop." — Xitter's CEO, Yaccarino.

Very little of what Yaccarino wrote is confirmable. It is not apparent that she feels discrimination is a problem; it is not apparent that Twitter has done anything to combat anti-semitism, and the place for it in the world seems to be in her social media service. Were I the CEO of a struggling multi-billion dollar internet advertising platform, and my Chief Product Guy was spouting antisemitism, I'd fire them.

Wired had this to say:

And then there's the question of how much power Yaccarino even has over Musk. When Yaccarino was appointed, Musk said he'd remain as CTO and as executive chair of the company's board. This created a complicated situation for Yaccarino, says Jo-Ellen Pozner, associate professor of management and entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University. "It's almost impossible to have your direct report be your boss at the same time and have any kind of say or control," she says. "That's just not the way hierarchy works."

And Pozner argues that Musk's unwillingness to cede the spotlight should not be surprising, since it was largely what drove his purchase of the platform in the first place. "He doesn't like people telling him to be quiet," she says. "So if that's his motivation going in and taking over this company, how is he ever going to hand over the reins to somebody else?"

There is simply the "sitting at a table with Nazis" problem for Yaccarino here, as well. Elon is clearly a grimey little edge lord enjoying his antisemtism, and his hatred towards all sorts of minority groups. She is on HIS team and she is carrying water for an antisemitic organization that is at war with the ADL.

On another note: How does Elon find all these anti-semites to retweet? The assholes he shares have no following and Musk seems to be SEEKING OUT their bullshit. Call it X, Twitter or whatever — it is a platform for hatred owned by an antisemite.