Celebrate November with these funny slumping pumpkin photos

After a long weekend of halloween festivities last month, I felt just like these slumping pumpkins. I feel their pain.

I've never thought to save my pumpkin long enough to let it "slump", like these ones but the results are even more entertaining than a regular old jack-o-lantern. 

This year, Atlas Obscura asked readers to send in their slumping pumpkin photos.

"To celebrate the beautiful loneliness of the November jack o' lantern, last week we asked Atlas Obscura readers to send us pictures of their moldy, sagging, aging Halloween pumpkins. You sent us a delightful array of slumped pumpkins (also referred to as "dumpkins" or "bumbos"), capturing a wide range of emotions."

Some of these pumpkins look like they partied a bit too hard during October. They sag and droop into goofy facial expressions, and some are even growing mold in their eye sockets. Marveling over slumping pumpkins is going to be a yearly activity for me from now on!