The Last of Us: Part II will be remastered only three years after release

Three things are certain in this world: death, taxes and Naughty Dog endlessly remastering and remaking The Last of Us.

This time around, it's a PS5-only remaster of 2020's controversial The Last of Us: Part II, which created a cast of grounded and well-rounded characters and then asked you to graphically murder them all. It's worth noting that the original game already runs at a full 60 FPS on PS5, so Naughty Dog has sweetened the deal by adding in a few additional modes, like the tacked-on roguelike mode every game seems to have nowadays and, bafflingly, an expansion on the guitar-playing minigame from the original.

None of it looks especially transformative, though, especially at the $70 asking price.

Still, for first-time players, one could certainly do worse than playing both this and the Part 1 remake back-to-back… until, of course, the Part II remake comes out for the PS6.