Watch this baby muskox get the zoomies!

Have you ever seen a baby muskox get the zoomies? Watch Willow, the cutest muskox calf I've ever seen, jumping into a pile of leaves and zoom-zoom-zooming with glee. Willow was born on September 7, 2023 at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington, to mom Charlotte and dad Hudson.

She was a mere 20 pounds at birth, but she's grown quickly in the last 11 weeks. She was 60 pounds at one month, 90 pounds at 8 weeks old, and is currently up to 108 pounds. She's still got hundreds of pounds to pack on, though, as her mom is 620 pounds and her dad a whopping 737. 

I love watching her grow, and find her simply adorable. Look at her already walking and keeping up with her mom at 5 days old, and check out this video of her eating dandelion greens! Who knew muskoxen were so enchanting? I sure didn't, but I'm glad I found out and get to share this news with you!