Atlas Obscura's list of remarkable American gas stations

Here's Atlas Obscura's list of America's Grandest Gas Stations. If you're on a road trip and looking to enhance your gas station experience, perhaps you'll find one of these unique stations along your route.

At the Hollow Mountain gas station out in the Utah desert, the convenience store has been directly carved into a giant rock. Inside the store, cool air blasts down and you can stock up on snacks and drinks to keep you hydrated out in the desert heat. 

You can also visit this out-of service shell oil clamshell station. This cute looking shell station is the last one shaped like a clam, and exists now as a memorial to a time when many shell stations used to be shaped like this one. 

If you're a fan of unique gas stations, then be sure to check out the 11 others on the list! I wish a trip to the gas station could always be as fun as these ones look.