"This site will self-destruct" finally self-destructs after no-one signs guestbook for 24 hours

In 2020, David linked to a site that promised to automatically self-destruct if ever it went 24 hours without someone adding a message to its guestbook. The creator, FemmeAndroid, posted last week that the time had come [twitter.com].

"Well, the website is down. I've confirmed that this isn't a test. It didn't get a non-spam post for 24 hours,"
they wrote on Twitter. "Thanks for all the fun, but it was bound to happen eventually!"

One among some similar web projects over the years (see also The Button) TSWSD struck me as the most beautiful. It could have been made in 1993 with Perl and CGI-Bin. It might be made with whatever presentation technologies prevail in 30 years. It required nothing but time, technology and the presence or absense of people.