Syringes filled with vaginal tightening gel intercepted by US border patrol

The US Customs and Border Patrol intercepted more than 2,500 syringes of vaginal tightening gel that arrived at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport from a Hong Kong. The injections were on their way to a residence in Woodbury, Minnesota. Resale value is around $19,000.

"This dangerous shipment is another example of someone using unregulated gels to prey on unknowing consumers with false promises," said LaFonda D. Sutton-Burke, Director, Field Operations-Chicago Field Office. "Not knowing what you are inserting in your body can be deadly, and consumers believe they are getting a discount, when in fact they are purchasing an inferior product with unapproved ingredients."

According to the Border Patrol, "the shipment was found to contain commercial quantities of a gel inside injectables and required the user to wear chemical resistant gloves when handling. The packages containing the cosmetic gel were found in pink packaging appearing ready for resale."