Hoping to avoid expulsion vote, Republicans beg George Santos to resign

George Santos, the comically fraudulent Long Island Republican facing dozens of criminal charges and humiliating his party day-in and day-out, is refusing to resign in advance of an expulsion vote forced by Democrats. Despite the scathing nature of its own ethics investigation into him, the congressional GOP doesn't want to be seen splitting along pro- and anti-Santos lines. Santos expects an expulsion vote will nail him and is bluntly refusing to go any other way.

Reps. Robert Garcia (D-Calif.) and Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) introduced what is known as a privileged motion to force a vote on their resolution to expel Santos by Thursday. Republicans are looking to the Thursday morning press conference Santos has planned in hopes that he'll resign before they are forced to move on a vote, according to a House Republican familiar with the plans.The GOP lawmaker put the odds of Santos resigning at zero, saying he wants the "notoriety" from making history as one of a handful of people throughout American history expelled from Congress."I've given up any hope that George Santos has any shame. A person who had any shame would've resigned long before now," said Dusty Johnson.

How amazing is it that getting rid of Santos is not yet a done deal? A convicted felon can (and has) been a member of Congress, even while in prison.