Once again, Lauren Boebert makes a fool of herself on the House floor (video)

Congressquack Lauren Boebert once again made a mockery of herself, this time foolishly snapping at a witness with ignorant assumptions during a hearing today only to be hammered more than once with facts. (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

"You all are allowing delinquent employees to sit on their sofas at home instead of actually getting to work and doing their jobs. This is absolutely unacceptable," Colorado's most notorious groper said accusingly to Social Security official Oren "Hank" McKnelly, who was testifying for the "Oversight of Federal Agencies' Post-Pandemic Telework Policies" hearing on the House floor.

And when he tried to correct her, explaining in detail how his employees — whether working at home or in the office — actually follow a system "that our managers use to schedule, assign, and track workloads," and that they are in close contact — via messaging, the phone, and video conferencing —with "supervisors, clients, colleagues, and external parties during work hours," she tried to zap him with a gotcha question: "Then why is the backlogs for Social Security applicants increased from 41,000 to 107,000?"

So McKnelly explained it simply: "Because we've been historically underfunded for a number of years now."

But the clueless lawmaker was so busy performing, she didn't see the connection and continued to embarrass herself.

"I don't think you're underfunded. You're funded at the Nancy Pelosi levels, at the Democrat levels. We just continued that same funding," she sassed.

"So I'd say we'd have an increase of over 8 million beneficiaries over the last 10 years. At the same time, we experienced our lowest work staffing levels at the end of FY 22. That's a math problem," he said plainly, hoping his elementary-level lesson would finally click for Boebert. "I mean, that is a problem if you have those workloads increasing and you don't have the staff to take care of those workloads — you're going to have the backlogs that you're talking about, Representative."

Although she clearly doesn't understand how anything works, the trailing Boebert, who could soon be unemployed, will one day wish Social Security had the support it needs.