Fox slams Biden's straw use, but is silent about Trump's (video)

Jesse Watters has long been suspected of being a bot running a version of ChatGPT trained on Tucker Carlson monologues. His recent rant about Joe Biden's use of a drinking straw supports this hypothesis.

Here's what Watters said on Fox News:

"Joe Biden used a straw. Now, if you've seen me on 'The Five' or on prime time, you know I recommend that all men refrain from using straws. It's unbecoming. The way a man's lips purse. The size of the straw is just too dainty. The way your fingers clasp on it. No, come on. Straws are for women and little kids."

Curiously, Watters is silent about the many photos of his hero, Donald Trump's use of a straw. Maybe he thinks the photos are doctored. Or perhaps he believes Trump only uses large straws and sucks from them in a manly way. It doesn't really matter, though, because his viewers will be enthralled by any phony story he tells, as long as it makes them feel good about being in the cult of MAGA.