VP Harris brushes off ousted Speaker McCarthy's attacks

Vice-President Kamala Harris displayed her incredible skills at delivering a clapback without punching down.

Ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy is a clown, and his complaints about President Biden all come clearly with a "This Message Approved by The Trump Campaign" sticker; however, that did not stop interviewer Andrew Ross Sorkin from asking the Vice-President if they were true. Harris smiled and then destroyed McCarthy:

At The New York Times DealBook Summit, Vice President Kamala Harris was asked by Andrew Ross Sorkin about attacks from ousted ex-Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy on President Biden's negotiating skills. In effect, McCarthy was claiming Biden is too old to negotiate, Sorkin said. Even worse, McCarthy accused Biden of not being able to think for himself during their negotiations but was only able to deliver talking points pre-written on cards.

The look on Harris' face was priceless. But when she began her response, "With all due respect," followed by a big grin, the audience tittered because it was obvious she was about to deliver a wallop. She did not disappoint.

"When anyone who has had the experience that he has most recently had," Harris said, referring to McCarthy's ouster from the speakership, "I don't think he's a judge of negotiations." The audience clapped and laughed loudly. Sorkin bowed his head, obviously trying – and failing – not to laugh, too.

Crooks and Liars

Honestly, this entire interview is an excellent showcase of Vice-President Harris and a reminder of why I like her so much. She moves from topic to topic with ease, discussing them at a level of detail that shows her understanding and capability to present difficult material in a way folks can get it.