"We live in a depraved culture" — MAGA Mike Johnson says LGBTQ teens are triggering his god

House Speaker MAGA Mike Johnson (R-LA) has love in his heart for everyone, even those whom his god intends to cast into the fires of hell because they aren't like him.

"I fear America may be beyond redemption," said the bespectacled House Speaker in the newsletter he sends to people who take him seriously. "1 in 4 high school students identifies as something other than straight — what are they being taught in school? God is mocked openly in the public square. And you don't even want to see the filth that passes for popular culture these days." (That's why Mike and his son monitor one other's use of pornography with a app.)

"Let's face it — we live in a depraved culture. I didn't want to believe it at first, but I fear God may allow our nation to enter into a time of judgment for our collective sins."

Mike concludes his message with the question, "DOES AMERICA NEED MORE GOD?" If you click the link, you'll instead learn that "MIKE NEEDS MORE MONEY."