Donald, continuing to infantilize Eric, calls his testimony a waste of time

Donald Trump doesn't think his defense will be helped by having his son, Eric, return to the stand. Out of respect for the "Crooked Court" he has told Eric to go do some more of whatever it is Eric does someplace else. As per the norm, Trump also infantilized his son and company executive by referring to his "young life." The defense frequently refers to Donald Jr and Eric as "the boys," as if they are minors and not responsible for the adult stuff that went on in accounting.


"There is no reason to waste any more of this Crooked Court's time on having him say the same thing, over and over again, as a witness for the defense (us!). His young life has already been unfairly disturbed and disrupted enough on this corrupt Witch Hunt."

It is true Eric just repeatedly said he doesn't know anything and blamed others, but it seems that is a family tradition.

Unlike sonny boy, out-on-bail Trump will take the stand again next Monday. It doesn't seem that a thing the defense has done since having some of the charges dismissed due to a statute of limitations technicality has been helpful to their cause. The best they've done is get temporary stays of a gag order as the fraud trial marches toward its conclusion.