Lincoln Project founder warns Trump of more embarrassing ads to come (video)

The Lincoln Project's latest attack ad against "Feeble" Donald Trump really got under his skin. So much so, that he rage-posted late Monday night, falsely claiming the embarrassing video that showed him in decline was created with AI. But his defensive post only backfired, triggering yet another attack video, released Tuesday night, this time hitting the ex-president with a personal taunt by Lincoln's co-founder Rick Wilson himself.

"Hey Donald, it's Rick!" a chipper Wilson begins. "I know it's hard for you to remember things these days, and I know you're feeling very infirm, and feeble, and weak. And probably incontinent, and certainly impotent. But I just wanted to let you know, if you think that's the last ad that we're going to hit you with in the next year, you would be mistaken."

And then Wilson, standing outside in front of beautiful autumn trees, moves in for the kill. "It will never stop, Donald. The pain will not stop. You should withdraw from the race. But other than that, enjoy, 'cause the next ad you're going to love even more. And while you accuse us of making this ad using AI, you were wrong, but the next ad just might! And that one is not one you are going to like." So far, this new message seems to have stunned the hate-Truther into silence. (See video below, posted by The Lincoln Project.)