Marjorie Taylor Greene just blew up at Mike Johnson: "HELL NO!"

Marjorie Taylor Greene blew up today after news that Kevin McCarthy is resigning, and she took her anger out on none other than the former ousted speaker's archnemesis, Speaker Mike Johnson.

"Speaker Johnson worked with Chuck Schumer to cut a deal that removes all abortion and trans surgery prohibitions we passed under Speaker McCarthy," she said on video in a Xitter post, referring to the proposed bipartisan National Defense Authorization Act [NDAA] that was made without her consent.

"No member of the NDAA conference had any influence on this process. It was done in secret meetings with no input from conferees," continued Georgia's seething peach. "Now, we're supposed to just grin and take it with no say in the final bill. Is the GOP really going to fund abortion vacations and trans surgeries, fund the Ukraine war, all with a CLEAN FISA extension under Speaker Johnson?"

Green then called the proposal a "total sell-out of conservative principles" and "a huge win for Democrats" before declaring, "I'm a HELL NO!" If only she would say that to her seat in Congress.

(See her video here on Mediaite.)