Check out this DIY notebook made out of recycled Taco Bell bags

I recently got sucked into the #crafttok and #papertok communities on TikTok. Both are terrific—they're filled with people making things and teaching others to make things. While there, I stumbled upon a crafter named Holly Auna who recently made a notebook out of recycled Taco Bell bags.

IN a series of videos, she demonstrates how she first began the process by shredding the bags and then soaking them in water. She then forms paper from the pulp—she scoops up the sludge with her paper mold and places the fresh wet paper sheets onto towels to dry. When the paper has dried, she assembles the notebook. Finally, once the book is ready, she finishes it up by Mod Podging a Taco Bell logo—cut from one of the bags—onto the front. 

Voila! Here's the end result. I think she did a great job!


The @tacobell notebook is complete and i am obsessed with it! What notebook should we make next? #tacobell #recycledpaper #hollyaunacrafts #papermaking #bookmaking

♬ original sound – Holly Auna