Gunman who killed 3 faculty at University of Nevada was unemployed professor

Anthony Polito, 67, was a business professor hoping to end his career on a high note at the University of Nevada or one of Vegas's other respected towers of learning. None would hire him, though, and he went on a gun rampage, killing three faculty and injuring a fourth person after his adjunct position was discontinued at the business school in Henderson, Nevada.

The 67-year-old gunman who killed three faculty members and wounded a fourth in a roughly 10-minute rampage at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, had a list of targets at the school and more than 150 rounds of ammunition, police said Thursday.

"None of the individuals on the target list became a victim," McMahill said, adding that police have contacted everyone on the suspect's list, except for one person who is on a flight.

Before the shooting, Polito also mailed 22 letters to university faculty members across the U.S., according to footage reviewed by detectives from a dashcam in Polito's vehicle, McMahill said.

He used a legally-purchased 9mm handgun, according to police. Officers intercepted and killed Polito after the shootings in the Lee Business School building, before he could head into the adjacent student union.

Here's the top comment on a Reddit thread about the incident:

He taught me in the fall of 2015. He was high or drunk before class always. He was really eccentric. We did fuck all in his class. He gave me an A though and said I was his favorite