Lauren Boebert spent campaign funds to see boyfriend in bike race

Vapin' gropin' Rep. Lauren Boebert (CO) was outed in October for spending $317.48 of campaign funds at her former secret boyfriend's bar last July. Now the MAGA Congress preacher is being accused of having spent another $339.94 of voters' money to attend a bicycle race that the same gentleman — Quinn Gallagher — participated in last August.

From MTN:

Campaign finance records, first obtained by the Daily Mail, show that Boebert listed the $339.94 spent for her attendance at the race as "event tickets." Pretty pricey to watch a bike race. Her attendance didn't seem to provide much inspiration to Gallagher, who finished 774th out of 1,788 competitors.

It is also unclear whether Boebert was actually doing any campaigning at the event to justify using campaign funds rather than personal money just to hang out with her boyfriend. The FEC doesn't allow you to treat campaign donations as your personal slush fund for entertainment, as George Santos just learned.

Of course these latest instances of dipping into places where she shouldn't does not include the more than $6,000 of campaign funds she allegedly used for rent and utilities in 2021 before calling the payments "erroneous" and reimbursing the funds.

As a side note, Boebert and her ex parted ways (as far as we know!) after their lewd performance in the audience of a kid-friendly Beetlejuice production got them ejected from the theater.