Matt Gaetz receives a humiliating surprise "award"

Last Thursday, December 7th, widely disliked Florida Congressperson Matt Gaetz was at a Christmas party where he was to be presented with an award. The award was in recognition of Gaetz's alleged sex trafficking of a minor and was not actually intended to be complimentary.

Gaetz, thus far, has gotten away with a lot. We will see if his bid for Governor goes anyplace, it seems his fellow Congress people would be happy to see him depart for greener pastures.

But video of the event, posted by Cleveland Scene, shows that a Strongsville Republican's acknowledgement of Gaetz was really an insult rather than an actual "award" honoring him in some way.

Cleveland Scene's Vince Grzegorek reports, "Gaetz was presented with a surprise award: for his dedication to using Venmo to allegedly have sex with underage girls…. As the surprise attendee finished announcing the surprise award, Gaetz interjected — and security escorted the presenter from the stage and, presumably, the building. News recaps of the event failed to mention the incident, instead focusing on Gaetz's thoughts on Ohio's political landscape."

The far-right MAGA congressman, although investigated, was never charged with anything.

"The Department of Justice, earlier this year, announced it would not bring charges against Gaetz in connection with a lengthy sex-trafficking investigation centering on his friend, Joel Greenberg, who pleaded guilty to multiple counts involving girls under the age of 18," Grzegorek notes. "Greenberg, in his plea, admitted he 'introduced the minor to other adult men, who engaged in commercial sex acts.' The Daily Beast unearthed Venmo transactions between Gaetz and Greenberg, as well as Gaetz and a 17-year-old girl."

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