Marjorie Taylor Greene comically scorned by Comer and Jordan at presser

Marjorie Taylor Greene is even too much of a pariah for the likes of outcast Rep. Jim Jordan, who, along with Kentucky blowhard Rep. James Comer, abruptly ended a press conference when she tried to butt in.

As the two Congressmen were speaking to a room full of reporters about Hunter Biden (who defied House Republicans today by holding his own press conference rather than show up for a closed-door testimony), Georgia's unsavory peach suddenly appeared. "I would like to ask Hunter Biden about … sex-trafficking women…"

And it was as if she had just let one rip at a Lincoln Reagan Dinner party, with Comer looking horrified as he glanced at her before Jordan cut off the conference with a quick "Thank you all very much." The two then turned to make a quick exit. (See video below, posted by Ron Filipkowski.)