"PaganFolk Musick" band OMNIA: lively music, disturbing conspiracy theories

This video for "Fee Ra Huri" by self-described "PaganFolk Musick" band OMNIA is excellent. I absolutely love the flute, the harmonies, the drumming, the harp—all of it is so good, and its infectious energy is mesmerizing! The Music Man accurately describes it as a "foot-stomping, danceable, melodic song." And Elijah J., a contributor to SonicHits, provides information about the lyrics:

The lyrics of "Fee Ra Huri" by Omnia may seem nonsensical at first glance, but they are actually imbued with an ancient Celtic spirit. The opening lines, "Wack fol'a day diddle dee dye doe / Je le len 'o je le la le len 'o," are in fact an invocation to the god Lugh, who was the patron of the festival of Lughnasadh. This was a time of harvest and celebration in the Celtic world, and "Fee Ra Huri" captures the joy and energy of that time.

The chorus, "Ho ri f dhe ra hur," is a variation on the traditional Celtic cry of celebration, "Hurrah!" It is a call to let loose and enjoy oneself, and the fiddle and other instruments that pervade the song reinforce this joyful atmosphere. The overall effect of "Fee Ra Huri" is of a wild and exuberant dance, with the rhythm and melody both building to a frenzy.

Sonic Hits commenter @caelanmcchesney2633 also chimed in: "Just imagine if you play this song in a bar. The bar will be a medieval tavern in a few seconds." Now, that sounds like fun!

OMNIA provides this bio on its website:

OMNIA started by Steve Sic in 1996 as a Pagan Iron-age Celtic "living history re-enactment" project which over the years slowly turned into a band and then just kept going…

Today is now still run by the original founder, Steve Sic together with his wife Jenny who joined him and OMNIA in 2002. Now these two Musickal EarthWarriors travel the world together with their live-band, spreading their musick and philosophy to celebrate and worship Life, Creativity and Nature together with audiences of all cultures ;-)

As far as we know OMNIA is the only bandproject of it's kind in the world today. As a succesful self-made underground band, after 22 years they still remain completely free and 100% independant of any corporate outside influences.

They also describe their particular genre of music:

OMNIA chose long ago to simply name their selfmade style of musick: "PAGANFOLK", which etymologically speaking would mean: "nature-religious, traditional indigenous music."

OMNIA means "everything" in Latin. It stands for the fact that OMNIA is not bound by any particular regional music genre or style. This musical diversity, the creative writing of Stenny and the fact that OMNIA uses hand-made acoustic traditional and prehistoric instruments, give them their own special "earthy" style.

Their Earthy PaganFolk sounds and songs have become an example to many in this world of bland popsongs and media hyped "Pagan" acts…

Even though Steve Sic and Jenny run a strictly underground cult-band, steering away from mass media, they have worked with many musicians and influenced many other main stream bands and artists worldwide and developed the "PaganFolk" scene. They have harvested international acclaim on countless different festivals in diverse alternative music scenes throughout Europe and the Americas since 2002.

OMNIA posted the "Fee Ra Huri" video I stumbled upon back in 2012, and it has had over 83 million views to date. I was curious about what the band had been up to since 2012, and I perused their website. They still exist, and are still making music, but unfortunately they seem to have jumped deeply down the rabbit hole of various conspiracy theories about chemtrails and climate engineeringBill Gates, the "Great Reset," the "New World Order," electromagnetic fieldsCOVID-19, and more. Sigh.