You are guilty until proven innocent says MAGA lawmaker on House floor (video)

Finally, the mystery has been solved as to why House Republicans okayed a vote for an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden: in MAGA land, where up means down and nonsense makes sense, you are guilty until proven innocent, as shared by stable genius Rep. Ralph Norman on the floor today.

"You cannot just … say you are innocent and not have to prove it," explained the befuddled South Carolina MAGA man, who, like the rest of his cohorts, needs a crash course in Civics 101. (See video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

And yup, this is the same broken gentleman who in 2021 texted former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, urging him to facilitate a military takeover to keep Donald Trump in the White House. "Mark, in seeing what's happening so quickly, and reading about the Dominion law suits attempting to stop any meaningful investigation we are at a point of no return in saving our Republic !! Our LAST HOPE is invoking Marshall Law!! PLEASE URGE TO PRESIDENT TO DO SO!!" he wrote, misspelling "martial" for good measure. Stable indeed.

Front page thumbnail image: Ralph Norman / MSNBC