"Stop it! Stop it!" DeSantis loses control at a heckler

Why Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is still in the "Republican Primary" is beyond me. Maybe he and his wife were somehow using his SuperPAC to pay for their life, but it appears that one of Ron's top advisors, Jeff Roe, apparently took off after using around 1/3rd of "Never Back Downs" cash to pay his own companies. I don't know what money they could be grifting!

The icing on the cake was Ron losing control of his speech to a heckler. I would expect he'd have gotten some level of experience managing these situations during his lousy campaign, but nope. DeSantis is lost and just gets talked over by the heckler.

The end is near for the entire field of Republican "candidates," but Ron has been playing a losing game for months and months.

via Crooks and Liars