Sen. Tuberville said Trump's Nazi rhetoric needs to go further, says reporter

Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama was disappointed with Donald Trump's "poisoning the blood of our country" comments over the weekend — not because they were straight from Hitler's writings, but because the GOP frontrunner's Nazi rhetoric did not go far enough.

"I'm mad he wasn't even tougher than that," Tuberville told Eric Michael Garcia of the Independent today, as reported by many outlets, including The Hill. "When you see what's happening at the border? We're being overrun. They're taking us over." (See quote below, posted by Eric Michael Garcia.)

As a refresher, Trump warned a crowd in Durham, New Hampshire on Saturday that immigrants are "poisoning the blood of our country. … they're coming into our country from Africa, from Asia … they're pouring into our country … the crime is going to be tremendous…" This follows Trump's fascist Veteran's Day comments last month, in which he referred to his rivals, aka Democrats, as "vermin" that needed to be "rooted out." This is all propaganda swiped nearly verbatim from Hitler, which the dictator used to dehumanize and exterminate the "others." (Watch Trump's Nazi propaganda in video below, posted by Acyn.)

And as unbelievable as it is that we have an overtly pro-fascist, pro-Nazi candidate leading by far in the Republican primaries, it's also outrageous that a U.S. Senator says — out loud, mind you — that we need to take it a step further.