Trump advisor Stephen Miller and Fox's Jesse Watters fantasize about mass deportations

In a recent appearance on Jesse Watters' Fox News program, Stephen Miller, former senior advisor to President Donald Trump and founder of the far-right America First Legal Foundation, expressed his xenophobic views on immigration, emphasizing the need for mass deportations to preserve American culture and identity.

Miller began by sharing skewed historical references, ignoring the fact that the United States was founded by immigrants who arrived without asking permission from the people who already lived there: "Going back long, even before our founding, going all the way back to the earliest days of the colonies in America to slowly build everything that we have. And now, when you have millions of people coming in from different cultures, ways of living, and belief systems, they're going to bring those belief systems with them to America."

He expressed alarm about the influx of people who don't look like him, stating, "So a generation from now, I am telling you, Jesse, people will not recognize the country they are living in. These consequences are permanent. Unless there is massive, large-scale deportation by the millions, it will be irrevocable."

Watters then mentioned that Miller was getting a pilot's license, saying Miller is "gonna be personally deporting these people, plane load after plane load. Is that true, Miller?"

"Don't get me excited, Jesse," said miller, looking like he was about to drool at the prospect. (Remember this is the guy who said in a high school campaign speech, "Am I the only one who is sick and tired of being told to pick up my trash when we have plenty of janitors who are paid to do it for us?")

"That how you wanna spend your retirement, right?" said the smug-faced Watters.

"Yes. I would spend my Christmas holiday doing that if I could, Jesse," said Miller. "I think that the Biden administration probably would have me in prison by the evening if that was the case."

No wonder Miller is such a favorite on Fox News. He hits all the notes Fox's audience craves: xenophobia, denouncing the nation's founding principles of diversity and inclusion, misrepresenting history, deepening social divisions, threatening civil liberties, and ignoring the positive contributions of immigrants to American society.