One man's horrific saga of inadvertantly destroying municipal infrastructure with superabsorbent water beads

With viral challenges getting bigger and broader in scope, it can be easy to forget the consequences they have on people around them. The cautionary tale of French TikToker Cyrilschr, however, serves as a sobering warning to those seeking to get a little too big for their britches.

In 2020, he filled a bathtub with Orbeez–superabsorbent expanding toys–for views, only to then be left with the problem of disposing of them. In attempting to do so, he inadvertently destroyed the plumbing system not just in his apartment complex but his area of town.

The journey that follows, documented in several videos that have been compiled below, is one of shame, panic, human feces, and police investigations, and it will chill to your core just as frequently as it makes you laugh out loud.

For those not willing to follow along with a translation in the description, a cut-down, captioned version is available here. Either way, one doesn't need to know French to follow along with Cyril's spiral into madness as the Orbeez take over more and more of his life.

Luckily, he seems to have escaped from the Orbeez' grasp, and is still following the latest TikTok trends to this day… albeit with the specter of that horrible decision following him.