Florida woman sues Hershey because chocolate mini pumpkins didn't have pre-carved faces like on the bag

A woman in Florida is suing Hersheys, which owns Reese's, because the company's pumpkin-themed Halloween chocolates didn't have faces carved in them as depicted on the bag.

Cynthia Kelly filed a federal class-action lawsuit Thursday in the U.S. District Court in the Middle District of Florida, alleging several Reese's products don't match their photos as depicted on the wrappers. For example, Reese's peanut butter pumpkins are merely pumpkin-shaped hunks of peanut-butter-stuffed chocolate, and the actual product has no Jack O'lantern-style carvings as the wrapper depicts, Kelly alleges. She says the same is true for the peanut butter footballs and bats, as well as the white chocolate ghosts.

She "believed that the product contained a cute-looking carving of a pumpkin's mouth and eyes as pictured on the product packaging" only to discover she was expected to design and carve them herself.

"Faceless pumpkins are deceptive advertising" should be good for a few five-figure nuisance settlements before insurance companies get sick of it. Then we can move on to something new, like "pre-cut pumpkins infringe my patent," and aim for six.