Baldur's Gate 3 now has guns

Remember when you were twelve years old, and your annoying classmate told you that you could get a gun in The Legend of Zelda if you beat the game three times in a row without turning off your NES? You can now carry on that spirit and spite that guy with a brand-new mod for 2023's Game of the Year (and deservingly so) Baldur's Gate 3: the Colt Python, a high-powered revolver perfect for bringing justice to the Sword Coast.

Whether you want to roleplay as an Artificer (a class conspicuously left out of the game itself) or you just enjoy the hilarity of pulling out a modern firearm and engaging an armored bandit with it, you can now prowl around Faerun with a big iron on your hip.

Is it lore-friendly? Absolutely not. But is it amazing to see everyone's favorite vampire twink Astarion gun a goblin down in the middle of a high fantasy RPG? You bet. According to the mod author, an AKM assault rifle is also coming later down the line to expand your party's arsenal. We'll see how long the Cult of the Absolute lasts in the face of six chambers of hot lead. Jonathan Ferguson would be proud.